Assist with GPS/Headunit interface please

Discussion in 'Other GPS Devices' started by icedvolvo, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    We bought a vehicle sometime ago which has a headunit however we did not buy the nav unit for cost reasons and now it is too late as they don't supply them any more. However I presume the interface between head and nav units are reasonably standard and I do have a pin out so I was wondering if some may know what the interface functions are (I have made some suggestions as to what I think they are but please feel free to add or modify):

    1: SDIN L __________SD car reader audio L channel ?
    2: SDIN R __________SD car reader audio L channel ?
    3: Nav Audio _______Audio signal from NAV or Audio Trigger from Nav
    4: Nav Trigger _____Interrupt audio/video from other sources to show Nav
    5: R _______________Red nav video signal
    6: G _______________Green nav video signal (vid sync must be on here)
    7: GND-A ___________audio ground
    8: GND-V ___________video ground
    9: B _______________Blue video signal
    10: GND-D __________normal ground
    11: SDIN TX ________control signal for nav buttons etc OR SD card reader control
    12: Nav video ______either a composite video signal OR nav video trigger
    13: SDIN RX ________control signal for nav buttons etc OR SD card reader control

    Does anyone have any better ideas or experience with these interfaces??
    icedvolvo, Apr 3, 2012
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