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Discussion in 'General GPS' started by Maxx Taxx, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Maxx Taxx

    Maxx Taxx Guest

    I have a friend who recently bought a Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N100.

    He has some bsb/kap files on a PC that he would like to use in the Loox GPS.

    Does he need to convert those to .map files to use in his navigator6 program
    on the loox ?

    How could he do this ?

    Maxx Taxx, Mar 22, 2007
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  2. The bsb/kap aren't vektor maps (if i recall this correctly). So they
    wont work with the mobile navigator.

    Ozi Explorer runs on the device however the tool bars don't seem to
    work. Problem is that the Windows Mobile is cut down to the basics
    needed by the navigon mobile navigator programm.

    For displaying the map and show the current position this is works.
    Autorouting however does not.
    - Uncover the windows desktop that you have access to the windows [1]
    - Install some additional dlls to the Loox (google for dania DLL pack)
    - get activesync (version 4x, at least something new)
    - install the OziCE version on the Pocket Loox (there is a demo version
    which is sufficient to try whether it works or not).
    - install the Ozi Trial Version on the PC. There you can import the
    bsb/kap files. These will be converted to ozi maps automatically.
    - this is optional I guess: transform the maps with img2ozf program to
    ozf3 files (the programm can be downloaded at the Ozi homepage)


    [1] the Pocket Loox is sold in Germany with a Mobile Navigator bundle
    for quite a while now. On (only in German) you find
    many hints and tricks about the Pocket Loox N100.
    Another board is (they speak english there).

    At you find a FAQ
    about the device and the navigon software.

    At you can download a cab
    that (when the device is reset) will modify the registry and also (step
    two) install the missing dlls. Put the cab onto the sd card.

    Disclaimer: of course all steps here will change the device and you are
    on your own if you break something.
    You can reset the device to the factory settings when doing a hard
    reset. This should clean up any crap.
    Stephan Robotta, Mar 23, 2007
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