Download Garmin MapSource for Free and Install Without Media

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by Ramon F Herrera, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. 1. Download MapSource software updater from Garmin. The version as
    of December 4, 2007 is 6.13.6, and the trick also works on Map Source
    version 6.13.5.

    2. Unpack or extract the content of MapSource_6136.exe
    downloaded using WinRAR.

    3. From the extracted files, run MAIN.msi.

    4. Then, run Setup.exe.

    Note: The sequence to execute Main.msi and then Setup.exe is
    important to avoid “Previous MapSource not found!” error.

    5. Garmin MapSource now installed.

    The above procedure does not work with the current (6.13.7)

    -Ramon F Herrera

    ps: The above link is posted for informational purposes only. I am not
    enticing anybody to commit illegal acts
    (The above note was placed at my lawyer's insistence)
    Ramon F Herrera, Jun 16, 2008
  2. Ramon F Herrera

    Uncle Vinnie Guest

    I've seen this in a few this seems quite 'available' other
    words, no big secret...

    However, I'm curious.. other than updating my version of MapSource on my
    local PC, what would be the importance of having the latest version?

    The reason I ask is because I own a Garmin i3 running an older version of
    City Navigator.

    The only way to update what is loaded into my StreetPilot would be to
    purchase the upgrade, with key....that's the only way I understand I can
    update the mapping software on my i3, where I need it most.. when traveling
    and looking for a specific location...

    Am I misunderstaning other uses for MapSource???

    Thank you...
    Uncle Vinnie, Jul 22, 2008
  3. Ramon F Herrera

    Dale Atkin Guest

    Having a working Mapsource install without commercial maps can be useful if
    you're looking at custom mapping options. (otherwise you need to go out and
    buy Trip and Waypoint Manager to use custom maps).

    I've actually run a similar question by Garmin as far as is it a violation
    of the license agreement to use the downloaded mapsource without a previous
    license. Basically they don't care (at least so said the guy I spoke to).
    The error message is just there to stop people thinking they can have
    mapsource with maps for free off the website.

    Dale Atkin, Jul 26, 2008
  4. Ramon F Herrera

    Uncle Vinnie Guest

    Interesting, thank you!

    I did install the newer verion of MapSource and do indeed have an older
    version which came with the i3, as well as City Navigator...
    Too bad the City Navigator updates are so expensive...
    Uncle Vinnie, Jul 28, 2008
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