DriveSmart61 and large TRACK file

Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by PWD2024, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. PWD2024


    Nov 15, 2023
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    I have a large TRACK file (3500 points) that I successfully brought into BaseCamp. I can send it to the DriveSmart61 device Internal Storage - I have verified that the GPX file is there. However when I go to the DriveSmart I can not see the TRACK as a saved file in the Trip Planner.

    The use case I am trying to address is a utility that drives by to collect meter reads. The drive is repeated monthly and each day covers a different segment of our customer base. As we train new meter readers we need to provide a way to help them be productive out of the gate without having to shadow the experienced meter reader to learn the path to follow.

    How do I get the DriveSmart61 to see and display the TRACK as a navigation tool for the driver?
    PWD2024, Nov 15, 2023
  2. PWD2024

    Nuvi-Nebie Moderator

    Aug 16, 2015
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    On satnavs Trip Planner usually stores Routes rather than Tracks, if Tracks are displayed at all they will be accessible under the 'Where I Have Been' option and are sorted by date (which is not always saved in a Track)
    Nuvi-Nebie, Nov 17, 2023
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