Garmin 76CS - How to determine current map name?

Discussion in 'Global Navigation Satellite Systems' started by Roy Lewallen, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. Roy Lewallen

    Roy Lewallen Guest

    I loaded a couple of states of road maps from City Select, plus a couple
    of quads from Topo, into my 76CS. The road maps overlay the topo maps,
    and I understand that I have to turn off the corresponding road maps in
    order to see the topo maps which are underneath. My question is, how do
    I tell which of the 60 loaded City Select maps to turn off? (The topo
    maps are in the boondocks, where the choice isn't obvious from the City
    Select map name.) Of course, I can go back to MapSource on the computer
    and figure out which ones cover the same area as the topo quads, but
    I'll be wanting to turn road maps on and off to uncover topo maps when
    I'm away from the computer. Is there a way to tell which map the GPS
    scroll cursor is currently on, or some other way to tell which map is
    currently being viewed?

    Roy Lewallen
    Roy Lewallen, Aug 14, 2004
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  2. Well with 3.50 firmware you can turn off/on whole map products which
    makes the task easier. For example you could turn off City Select
    entirely when hiking.

    You do this by pressing MENU on the Map page, select Setup Map, select
    the 'i' icon, press MENU again and then use the Show/Hide selections.
    Stuart Middleton-White, Aug 14, 2004
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  3. Roy Lewallen

    Roy Lewallen Guest

    Thanks! I missed that extra menu level you get only when the "i" option
    is selected. I was thinking it would be good to have the topo maps shown
    in the hiking areas and the street maps in the metro areas -- but on
    second thought, that could leave holes in the coverage, since the topo
    and street maps can be different sizes and don't necessarily overlay the
    same spots. So I'll just activate only one product or the other at a
    time as you suggest.

    Roy Lewallen
    Roy Lewallen, Aug 14, 2004
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