Garmin Etrex Vista C versus Vista

Discussion in 'Global Navigation Satellite Systems' started by FJ de Bruin, May 16, 2005.

  1. FJ de Bruin

    FJ de Bruin Guest

    I need to replace my Garmin Extrex Vista. I still like the functions and
    the form factor and therefore the Vista C seems an appropriate choice.
    Especially since I read the reports of improved signal reception.

    However, my old vista has developed all the defects that seems typical:

    1) accidental switching off of the unit when riding on bumpy roads (battery
    compartment problem?)

    2) click stick not always responding

    3) rubber band coming off.

    Wanting to avoid these problems again, I was wondering whether the new
    Vista C is better in these area too. Does anyone has any data on this?

    FJ de Bruin, May 16, 2005
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  2. Hi Frank,

    I was in the same position a nearly a year ago and I've been very
    pleased that I made the upgrade. You'll like the better reception,
    faster screen redraws, customizing the "page" order and color maps. You
    will have to get used to the different functions and menus, but it
    shouldn't take too long for them to become second nature. You will no
    longer have the 'drop down' menus, instead what was the find button
    executes that function. Running through the pages with the click stick
    has been removed getting rid of the 'menu bar' all together giving you
    much needed screen space. If you used Big Numbers on the trip page, you
    will notice a missing data field, from four to three data fields due to
    the shorter/wider screen size. Even though the resolution is a bit lower
    than the old Vista, it seems easier to read and the color helps out more
    that I expected. The USB connection makes downloading maps from 45
    minutes to 5, and the C draws power from the connection.

    I haven't found it shutting off while riding my road bike, although
    dropping it (better than three feet on firm surface) a couple of times
    resulted in its shut down.

    I never really had the click stick problem that was reported here with
    my old Vista and the same is true with the C, I haven't had any

    It would seem Garmin is using different glue, as of this writing the
    band is still securely adhered to its body.

    While my observations are anecdotal, I'm just a satisfied customer.


    ·Glen A. Doll·
    ·Roseville, CA·
    ::Glen Doll::, May 16, 2005
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  3. FJ de Bruin

    FJ de Bruin Guest

    Thanks for your input. Can you confirm that the batteries are still sitting
    vertical in the unit?

    FJ de Bruin, May 16, 2005
  4. I'm replying to an old post, so I apologize if my input is no longer useful.

    I also upgraded from a Vista to a Vista C. I also never had the problems
    with batteries, shutoffs, or rubber separation with my Vista. However, the
    Vista C in my opinion is such a leap forward that it's almost an injustice
    to give it the same model name as the previous version. The color display
    is fantastic, battery life is far better (even with the bigger, brighter,
    color screen), onboard route calculation is terrific (with City Select only
    though, I believe), and the USB interface means that a 24MB map download
    takes a minute or two as compared to over an hour with the serial interface
    of the Vista. I only have two complaints about the Vista C: 1) they seem to
    have tightened up the battery compartment to the point where it can
    sometimes be difficult to get the batteries out, and 2) I think it's insane
    that a device this expensive *still* does not have a factory case available.
    Mike Fairleigh, May 31, 2005
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