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    This is a collection of hidden or secret screens that are available on Garmin products, as there are a great many Garmin products and ways to get to these menus, you will have to 'try out' the following suggestions on your specific product, as it is not possible to list them all, This thread is locked in order to keep it tidy, but if you have any additions or corrections please create a new post in the Garmin section or send a private message using Inbox >> Conversations >> Start a New Conversation

    Sat-Navs Incuding Nuvi, Zumo etc.

    Satellite Info = Press and hold the Signal strength bars for a few seconds (Main Menu)

    This option is documented in some Garmin manuals but not all, it displays information on number, position and signal strength of visible satellites, other info. may include your current location, the accuracy of the position data, speed, altitude etc.

    Fig. 1
    • Press and Hold 'Speed' in Fig 1 for GPS Jamming Page >> Start / Stop Testing
    • Press and Hold 'Elevation (Altitude) in Fig 1 for GPS SNR Logging >> Start CN0, Single , TTFF logs

    Power Info = Press and hold the Battery icon for a few seconds (Main Menu)

    This option displays a lot of data about the Battery voltage, charging, Type of USB Cable connected etc. as well as Frequency, Time, RAM / ROM status temperature etc.

    Fig. 2

    Diagnostics Page = From map screen select SPEED >> Then press and Hold current speed
    Diagnostics Page = From Volume screen >> press and Hold top right hand corner of screen

    This option displays the Diagnostics Menu :-

    Fig. 3

    Configuration and Settings has the following sub menus :-
    • MTP Settings >> select Mass Storage
    • RWFS Settings
    • GPS Settings
    • Change Local
    • Toggle Right-To-Left Text
    • Toggle Map Debug Overlay
    • Drive Hours Logged
    Developer info has the following sub menus :-
    • Shutdown Causes
    • Satellite Status
    • Traffic >Traffic Receiver, VEGA testing
    • Memory > Stacks, TSK, GIR Nonvol
    • PCB Info.
    • Analogue-Digital Converter
    • Power Source
    • Map Matching
    • UHS Diag
    • VID Info.
    Developer Tests and Tools has the following sub menus :-
    • BC30
    • Audio
    • Display
    • Touch screen
    • Map Drawing
    • Route Calculation Time Test
    • UART Loopback
    • Video Device / Source
    • Picture Viewer
    • Demo Test Page
    • Babycam Checkseat Popup
    Diagnostic Logging has the following sub menus :-
    • General > Start, Stop Delete Logs
    • PWR Debug
    • UHS Logging
    Handheld Units (Walking / Hiking etc.)

    Note:- Most of menus start form power off and involve powering up whilst pressing extra keys

    Diagnostic page = ENTER + Power

    This is a general test / diagnostic screen that cab include :-
    Software Version, ESN, Time, Temperature, Frequency, XO Drift, Signal, C/NO, Battery Voltage, Backlight etc.

    It may also include a button press test, Screen Colour test etc.

    Fig. 4 GPSmap60Cx

    Fig. 5 GPSMAP64s

    Erase Data = ENTER + PAGE + Power

    WARNING - this option will reset the unit to Factory default, erasing all user data, It is reported that on some models there will not be a 'Are You SURE?' screen

    Older Models

    Diagnostic page = 'UP' + ENTER + Power (Original Etrex without joystick)
    (See handheld above)

    Diagnostic page = 'UP '- 'Down' - 'Left' - 'Right' immediately after Power on (GPS38, GPS12 etc)
    Displays a 'D' inbottom right hand corner of Menu screen, moving curser to the 'D' and selecting ENTER displays a diagnostic screen
    Nuvi-Nebie, Aug 21, 2017
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