Garmin Zumo 595 audio output selection options

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    Mar 15, 2021
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    I am struggling with trying to figure out the best way to pair my new Zumo 595 to my existing GL1800 freewire and Android Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Sena SRL (like a 20s) setup.

    I know the easy answer is to pair the SRL to the Zumo and the phone to the Zumo.

    Other than a nicer GPS, the other advantage I see is when I pair my phone to the GPS, I can play music that resides on my phones memory card and at least have some control on the zumo. But I guess with android I dont get album browsing. But pause, play etc on the zumo is nice.

    However the Zumo has the audio line out and I can use that to send either the stereo out of the zumo into the freewire aux in, or I can use the audio out to send the GPS directions audio into the bike's inetercom system so it interrupts whatever I have on.

    However the key question is can the zumo media player when playing MP3s on the phone send that audio to the line level outs, and then when the phone is using for calls send that audio to the helmet via bluetooth?

    Perhaps better to just go all bluetooth but it seems if I have the audio out, and I have the spare aux into the freewire, that is a hassle free way to get high quality stereo audio. No bluetooth hassles.
    And then just have the bluetooth for phone calls. However I do wan the music CONTROL that comes with bluetooth!

    Thanks for the help on how specific the audio output on the zumo is. All or nothing or can you segregate media player.

    I did look at the manual, I see you can choose what input to use for the media player, but I dont see how the output is handled. And I cannot test any of it until the cradle and everything is on the bike and trying to figure it out now.

    O yes, I see the USB cable and researched that but I guess only of any use if you have an apple phone. That wont work for me.

    Thanks for any help. Most appreciated.
    BJBBJB, Mar 15, 2021
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