Gogo Navigator USA & CAN with Live Traffic for iPhone & iPod Touch

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    Gogo Navigator USA & CAN new version update with Live Traffic feature provides real time traffic updates like road hazards, rerouting, accidents with 3D map, pedestrian navigation and Text-To-Speech(TTS) voice guidance.

    Gogo Navigator USA & CAN is a real-time, turn-by-turn 3D navigation app with Lane Guidance, Signpost Display, millions of onboard POIs and much more

    "Live Traffic" is now available as in-app purchase. Traffic information is provided by Clear Channel Total Traffic Network.


    * Pedestrian Navigation mode added an advantage for city navigation by foot
    * Car symbol for the 3D Map has been moved farther up the screen to allow users to view current and previous street(s) more easily
    * Route information labels (Time & Distance values) at bottom of screen
    * Increased font size with added color codes (gold for distance, blue for time and white for speed)
    * You may now use any choice of distance and time information in either field option
    * Current driving speed added as display option
    * Label texts have been shortened to reduce space on screen
    * The ‘second’ value is removed from the ETA time
    * Speed limit icon is repositioned to top-right of screen
    * The scale bar is hidden automatically three seconds after the user zooms in or zooms out
    * Subsequent Turn Arrow (Route guidance mode) is now only shown when two manoeuvres are in close succession. This 2nd turn indicator is now synced with the voice ‘then guidance’. E.g. Turn left, then Turn Right

    Download Gogo Navigator in iTunes store.

    One time subscription costs $8.99 of "Live Traffic" in-app purchase updates minute by minute real time traffic with improvements for matching addresses from the 'iPhone Contacts’ to the map database.
    Stella, Jul 21, 2011
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