GPS and Alexa. How do you feel about that?

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by getslosteasily22, Jun 2, 2022.

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    May 31, 2022
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    I was reading this webpage by Garmin.

    I noticed this stuff:

    The Garmin DriveSmart 66, 76, and 86 navigators boast a legacy of industry-leading features, including:

    Access to real-time traffic, photoLive traffic cameras, weather and fuel prices when the navigator is paired with a driver’s compatible smartphone using the Garmin Drive™ app2
    Alexa Built-in3 enables asking for music, listening to audiobooks, hearing the latest news and more
    Built-in Wi-Fi® allows for easy map and software updates without the need for a computer
    A USB-C vehicle power cable equipped with two USB ports to charge the compatible Garmin navigator and a second device

    I feel like technology has become invasive and controlling. In other words, technology controls you as much as you control it. Whenever I see something that is designed to use an app for a smartphone and or worse Alexa, I get really skeptical of it.

    Using apps they CAN force you to be tethered to your phone. Using Alexa, they can listen in on you. In fact it has been proven that Alexa does listen in on it's users.

    If I can use it without using the app or Alexa, then I could still be happy with it.

    I understand that being able to talk to your GPS, helps keep you from taking your eyes off the road. But according to what I've heard in tech podcasts, and even in the news, Alexa has leaked information that has caused some people problems. And it's been a privacy invasion. For those reason I am not happy to see it put on a GPS device. Another reason why I'm not happy about it, is because Amazon controls Alexa. In other words this feature will only be around as long as Amazon wants it around.

    I don't like the smartphone app for nearly the same reason why I don't like Alexa. Who controls the app? Garmin does! So it will only work as long as Garmin wants it too.

    All I need is a GPS that will give me directions to where I need to go! For that I don't need Apps or Alexa. Even the audiobooks is junk, I got audiobooks on other devices that works just fine! Don't need the news either.
    getslosteasily22, Jun 2, 2022
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