GPSMap 922 xs integrated with Raymarine Autopilot ACU-200

Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by mcorelio, May 14, 2022.

  1. mcorelio


    May 14, 2022
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    •Hi, I would like a hand to solve a connection issue. I´ve tried to connect some equipaments althouth didn´t have success.

    Today I have a Seatalk NG backbone connected a NMEA 2000 backbone and have a Raymarine Autopilot ACU-200 connected to Seatalk NG and a Garmin GPSMap and Horizon VHF to a NMEA 2000. I connected Seatalk NG to NMEA 2000 using a devicenet cable, and can see all three units from Autopilot in GPSMap Garmin but I can´t see any information in the Raymarine P70Rs unit.

    Bellow follow a draft with all connections and pictures with Garmin NMEA sources and a print from Raymarine (Menu/ setup / system set up / data sources / GPS source) don´t showing anything.

    I really confused because I can see Raymarine's devices on Garmin but not see any information in Raymarine unit.

    Follow devices version:
    •EV1 sensor --- version 3.05
    •P70Rs --- version 3.09
    •ACU-200 --- version 3.12
    •Garmin GPSMap 922XS --- 24.10

    Someone can help me with way to solve this? I would like send from Garmin to Raymarine autopilot information about routes.

    upload_2022-5-14_14-32-17.png upload_2022-5-14_14-32-30.png upload_2022-5-14_14-32-39.png
    mcorelio, May 14, 2022
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