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Discussion in 'Magellan GPS' started by Mac Zeff, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Mac Zeff

    Mac Zeff

    Jun 20, 2017
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    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Got a Magellan 505. Got windows 7 home pro edition running in classic (xp) mode..
    First time using GPS.

    Cannot get magellan cyclo agent to work on windows 7 in classic mode. was told by magellan tech, it will only work in windows 7 mode which I cannot stand using.

    Just had my first ride with GPS on. How can i send that map to either a website, or my computer, so I can see it on the big screen?

    Or will I have no choice but to use the windows 7 original mode to be able to use cyclo agent?

    Mac Zeff, Jun 20, 2017
  2. Mac Zeff


    Jan 2, 2019
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    At home I only have Linux operating systems installed on my computers. I wonder how I will be able to update the maps and firmware on my new Magellan Cyclo 505 when it arrives. There seems to be an universal prejudice against non Microsoft products. I am hoping Magellan will eventually provide support for Linux, but until then I must rely on friends and family who use window products. Perhaps you should do the same.
    My bicycle club uses the Ride with GPS bicycle club account to share routes for various rides. I am basic subscriber with the web site, and store some of my personal rides on their web site. Ride with GPS provides instructions on how to upload and download gpx files when using their web site. After you upload your file to the web site, you will be able to view your route on a big screen.
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    2wheelcommuterq, Jan 2, 2019
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