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Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by bmklawt, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Jan 7, 2011
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    I have a Mio Digiwalker 220 and if I search for a POI, Wal-Mart for example it list Wal-Marts that are next door up to hundreds and hundreds of miles away.
    I need to find a replacement that will do the same thing but also find them on my route.
    All the GPS I've looked at so far only go up to 100 miles away from my current location or about 26 miles from my location on route.
    I travel and camp all over the country and I would like to be able to set a route and search for a Wal-Mart or camp ground that is on route that is 3 hour from my current location to spend the night and maybe when I get close I might decide to go for another hour before resting and would like that Wal-Mart or camp ground listed also.
    I know I can search by city but I don't necessarily no what city's are on the Route.
    I called Mio and they state they use a different software now and there new GPS units no longer do this, I like the Mio 220 but it does not find POI's on route.

    For those that don't know Wal-Mart will let you spend the night in there parking lot with your camper.

    Features listed in importance to me:

    Find all POI's along current route, for at lease up to a few hundred miles.
    Find all POI's from current location, for at lease up to a hundred miles.
    Speed limit of road I am on
    Distance to next turn.
    North arrow indicator, NOT my current heading.
    Speak street name.
    Display speed limit
    Have a POI history.
    Time to next turn.
    Tell what side of street POI is on.
    Display my current speed.

    I have tried to Tomtom XXL 550, but it does not find POI's more than 30 miles out, Tomtom support said this is true of all Tomtom's.

    All Mio GPS do not find POI's along route.

    I tried the Magellan Roadmate 5045-LM, it will not find POI's I search for by name on route, it does not have speed limit, the default view zooms in to small for turns you can't see them until your on top of it, it misses some POI my old Mio can find.

    Your help is greatly appreciated,
    bmklawt, Jan 7, 2011
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