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Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by Herman_X, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Dec 19, 2011
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    Everywhere a state line!

    I work in office that is directly on a state line. It is so close, that sometimes I park my car in one state, walk about 400 feet and step into the office in a completely different state.

    Today, I decided to try a little experiment. While in the parking lot, I fired up the ol garmin. Knowing precisely which state I was in, I pressed the gps to select a destination by address. Its first question: Country? USA (I have euro maps in it). Now, the big one, State? It had decided that I was in the other state a mere 75 feet or so away.

    The satellite accuracy map said I was good to about 24 feet. My previous usage of the gps was indeed for the other state but it should have now fixed its new position to accurately reflect its "new" location. However, it was having none of it.

    So, I walked clearly across the boundary - there is a little sign welcoming you to the new state, and tried to select by address again. I know, I know, they sometimes don't put the boundary sign precisely on the real location but I was 100% certain I was in the new state. Country? USA State? It had now changed its mind, and had relocated me back to the state I had started this experiment from! I'm beginning to believe my gps may be in the state of confusion!

    To make matters worse, there is a third state line approximately a mile west from both jurisdictions, but this is across a river. Want a gas station or restaurant? It will often select locations for this third state even though the nearest bridge to cross is 5 miles north.

    Does anyone else have state line issues? How accurate does the gps have to be to accurately reflect its true location? Should I just give up and move to state that is like 200 miles from any state line? This third option will save me the endless choice of ALWAYS having to choose a state! ;)
    Herman_X, Feb 24, 2012
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