how to convert .kml files to .gdb or .mps files for Mapsource ?

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by Jozef Leon, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Jozef Leon

    Jozef Leon Guest

    I have downloaded some waypoint files for paragliding sites in Google Earth.
    They are in .kml format and I would like to convert them to a file readable
    in Garmin Mapsource (.gdb or .mps) in order to upload them to my Garmin
    Etrex Vista.
    I have done this before but have forgotten how to do this ....

    Aftert 2 hours of trial and error I give up .....

    Could somebody from this newsgroup tell me how to proceed ?

    I have GPS Babel.

    Thanks on advance for any help.
    Jozef Leon, Apr 29, 2006
  2. Jozef Leon

    Alan Murphy Guest

    You can try "GPS Utility" (GPSU), which will convert KML files to GDB
    files - see and also upload them to your Etrex Vista.

    Alan Murphy (author GPSU)
    Alan Murphy, Apr 30, 2006
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