I need a GPS I can pick the brains of... for science...

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by Officer Maggot, Jun 21, 2023.

  1. Officer Maggot

    Officer Maggot

    Jun 21, 2023
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    I need a GPS unit for a personal project. I don't need anything fancy, just a grid coordinate, and direction. Needs a high refresh rate, and most of all, I need some way of getting that data out of the GPS so I can play with it and do stuff with it.

    ultimate goal, is to beam said coordinates via radio transmitter... for science.

    Played around with the idea of a localized Radio based GPS... R-LTS. But before I embark on that journey I thought i wise to check whats already on the market to see if a solution already exists.

    Any suggestions for a bare bones GPS with an output? Dare I ask, maybe a USB output :D?

    Extra points if it can give elevation, and/or work indoors.
    Officer Maggot, Jun 21, 2023
  2. Officer Maggot

    Nuvi-Nebie Moderator

    Aug 16, 2015
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    Most GPS receiver modules ( and Garmin GPS products) output NMEA sentences, these are readable text in this form :-

    $GPRMC, 161229.487, A, 3723.2475, N, 12158.3416, W, 0.13, 309.62, 120598, , *10
    $GPGGA, 161229.487, 3723.2475, N, 12158.3416, W, 1, 07, 1.0, 9.0, M, , , , 0000*18
    $GPGLL, 3723.2475, N, 12158.3416, W, 161229.487, A, A*41

    These sentences carry a variety of data including :- Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed as well as Time, Date etc. and data about the satellites the unit is connected to, the modules ouput this data in serial (RS232) format and also via USB

    A module like the GT U7 will output NMEA 183 sentences via both serial and USB
    Nuvi-Nebie, Jun 21, 2023
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