Lenovo S660 CN GPS weak

Discussion in 'Global Navigation Satellite Systems' started by Sascha Wüstemann, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. I am coming from "Lenovo S660 CN GPS weak" at comp.mobile.android, so
    readers from there might feel this a crosspost, sorry for that.

    A reader suggested to ask here if there is no specific answer and there
    is none, so I ask here.

    So let me cite myself:

    Hi everybody.

    Bad experience with german telekom made me buy a mobile phone directly
    at a china online shop (efox.com) to get a more mobile computer than a

    After some research I decided to get the Lenovo S660. Well, it is a good
    device and everything works as expected or even better but GPS. Signal
    receiving is weak and disappears the next moment, navigation apps show
    my car driving at the opposite line or through buildings despite GPS
    Test tells me a resolution of 5 meters.

    I ran through googling a lot and checked up A-GPS, EPO and GAPPS.
    I installed GPS Test, GPS Status and MTK EPO GPS Fixer.and even removed
    /data/misc/mtkgps.dat for recreation by powering off and on again.

    So I'd like to ask, if there are readers who own the same device to read
    about their experiences...

    citation off.

    Maybe I'd better alter my question here. What do you think is the reason
    and what do you suggest to do?
    Sascha Wüstemann, Apr 6, 2015
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  2. Sascha Wüstemann

    Alan Browne Guest

    Hard to say what the reason is. Does the unit have a good view of the
    sky when you're using it? Is it in some container that would block the
    GPS signal (itself very weak).

    ("resolution" of 5 metres is meaningless).

    Looking around the web I see others complaining about the GPS
    performance of that model. Whether that is related ...
    Alan Browne, Apr 6, 2015
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