Location Industry Hits Speed Bump

Discussion in 'Global Navigation Satellite Systems' started by Sam Wormley, May 21, 2011.

  1. Sam Wormley

    Sam Wormley Guest

    Location Industry Hits Speed Bump


    by Janice Partyka

    Location privacy issues have the power to put the skids on our industry.
    When I stepped into the Where 2.0 show, little did I know I was about to
    see Apple publicly open its kimono, reveal its location collection
    practices, and further fuel public and government outrage on location
    privacy. Apple doesn't stand alone as Google also stores similar data on
    Android devices. And in a smaller breach, TomTom's user location data
    was sold to the Netherland's government, helping to optimize the
    placement of speed traps. Congress responded by hauling Apple and Google
    into a Congressional subcommittee meeting.

    Sam Wormley, May 21, 2011
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  2. Sam Wormley

    Ed M. Guest

    http://judiciary.senate.gov/pdf/11-5-10 Tribble Testimony.pdf

    Guy L. "Bud" Tribble
    Vice President of Software Technology
    Apple Inc.
    Cupertino, CA

    "The crowd-sourced database contains the following information: Cell
    Tower Information . . . Wi-Fi Access Point Information . . . An Apple
    mobile device running Appleā€™s mobile device operating system, iOS, can
    use the crowdsourced database to . . . find GPS satellites much more
    quickly, significantly reducing the wait time for the GPS
    location . . . "

    Hearing announcement:


    PDFs of prepared statements:


    "A Justice Department report based on 2006 data shows that each year,
    over 26,000 adults are stalked through the use of GPS devices,
    including GPS devices on mobile phones. That's from 2006-when there
    were a third as many smartphones as there are today."

    In lieu of a full transcript, some live blogs of the hearing:



    The Apple witness has a tough name in an industry with a higher than
    normal percentage of Trekkies:


    A 3 hour video of the hearing:


    Or some excerpts:

    Ed M., May 22, 2011
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