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Discussion in 'Magellan GPS' started by ocker39, Oct 13, 2018.

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    Oct 13, 2018
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    I purchased an RV9365T through Camping World. I was unable to fit the two pin US fitting on the power charge cord.
    The only way I could find to communicate with Magellan was by email. I have exchanged possibly 30 emails with them, I keep saying the two parts will not connect, I have sent photos that show the pin fitting is larger than the receptacle, they keep sending me instructions on how to fit the two parts together. I went to the electronics department of our local store & they could not connect the two parts together, I then went to a computer repair shop for the same results. I was informed by Magellan that my complaint would be passed along so I waited for them to email me. After waiting three weeks I sent them an email asking what was happening, I received an auto reply that as there had been no communication for two weeks my case had been closed so I had to restart all over again.
    It is taking at least four days for Magellan to reply, it is now two months since my first contact.
    The latest communication from them was asking if I wanted to replace the car charging cord. This after having sent photos of the 120 V power cord & numerous mentioning of the two pin fitting.
    I contacted Camping World to see if they could help, I was called back with a tech support phone number for Magellan & to make sure I spoke to Joe, it was also mentioned that there were problems finding a phone number for Magellan. I phoned the number, asked for Joe & was told I would be contacted, that was a day ago, still no return phone call.
    This is the worst customer service I have ever come across.
    ocker39, Oct 13, 2018
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