Montana 650 Adapter for mobile phone

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by Barry, Jun 23, 2023.

  1. Barry


    Jun 23, 2023
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    Hello everybody
    I have a Garmin Montane 650 mounted on my motorcycle . As its already powered I am looking for an adapter to mount my Iphone on the mounting bracket. Ive searched online but to no avail, any help would be appreciated
    Barry, Jun 23, 2023
  2. Barry


    Mar 8, 2021
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    I have a Montana 610 mounted on my motorbikes, I use the rugged AMPS powered mounts with one hardwired to each bike for quick and easy swapping of the GPS.
    I haven't seen or heard of any phone mounts that attach to them.
    It may not be too difficult to custom make one though, the 4 little bolt holes that are used to hold the powered mount to the ball could be used to attach a plate, and the phone's holder attached to that plate perhaps.

    It's possible the extra weight of a phone may cause stability issues, excessive vibrations etc., being held by a single mount.
    My phone travels in the top box or saddle bags, but if I were to want it visible I would probably just buy a proper phone mount and mount it beside the GPS mount.
    LostAgain, Jun 27, 2023
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