Montana 700i Course and Route Planner lock up

Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by Hwyflyer, Mar 12, 2024.

  1. Hwyflyer


    Mar 12, 2024
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    Hello Everyone, is anyone experiencing this problem with Montana 700i.
    Went to plan a route using the unit itself in Route Planner, first step is plot a waypoint, in that screen I assigned a waypoint and hit the next button and nothing happend, I tried using the back button nothing happend, those were the only option. The screen is locked up. Can't go foward, Can't go back. I had to power the unit down to do anything. Same thing happens in Course Planner.

    So I called tech service, the technician grab the Montana and proceeded to run the same method and guess what! There's locked up too. So we both did a hard reset. Their's started to work while mine still has the same problem.

    I am going on the road and will not be able to use a computer to plan a route and the transfer it to the Montana. I'm going to need to use the Montana itself on the fly. For it to happen to 2 units, it seems to me that is wide spread, maybe that's just the conspiracy theorist in me. One thing I will say is that it has locked up using this method before but when I shut it down and started it back up it would work so I have created some routes and courses. But now it's locked up for good even with a hard reset, which is a pain in putting all the data to get the unit back to baseline usage.

    So has anyone got this problem?
    Hwyflyer, Mar 12, 2024
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