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Discussion in 'Other GPS Devices' started by Haeseler333, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Sep 13, 2017
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    Hey all, new to this forum from New England. Just received a Jensen vx6020 from my father from a truck he's trading in after buying a new one. The GPS hadn't been updated in years so I used the free update available from Naviextra. Would not work. Told me I had no Global_cfg. Okay no biggie. Got that fixed with the file from Naviextra they sent me. To do so I had to make a new folder called Global_cfg to put the zip folder in. Now when I go to use the nav on the stereo it gets stuck on the nav loading screen. Is there some file(s) I'm missing? Being in Hungary, Naviextra is not helping very much at this time. This worked before the map update...

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    Haeseler333, Sep 13, 2017
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