Need advice, preferrably from a Soldier on What is needed in Iraq?

Discussion in 'General GPS' started by William Millspaugh, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. I thought I would go to the guys who know what is needed..
    My son is in the ARNG and is leaving for Iraq shortly, He says he should
    take a GPS device with him, any ideas on what brand, kind etc. We have an
    Magellan Explorists 210..I dont think there are maps of Iraq available for
    this model.. street level......

    Any help would be great..or advice...Thanks
    William Millspaugh, Jan 4, 2006
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  2. William Millspaugh

    Alan White Guest

    This is available in the UK.

    Might be worth trying.
    Alan White, Jan 5, 2006
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  3. William Millspaugh

    Hm Guest

    Garmin supplies the military with handhelds so that might be a good
    choice as he'd have the same system as the other guys.

    This article mentions the 76C and CS

    Not sure if you can buy those as a civilian.
    Hm, Jan 5, 2006
  4. William Millspaugh

    Marc Brett Guest

    I understand the Garmin Rino is popular with the troops, in part because it
    allows communication as well as navigation. eTrex is also popular. There are
    testimonials on the Garmin web site. Some dealers even pre-load detailed Iraq
    maps into the Garmin receivers.
    Marc Brett, Jan 5, 2006
  5. William Millspaugh

    David Lee Guest

    Marc Brett wrote...
    The Iraq mapping seems to add hugely to the price - a couple of hundred quid
    more than a receiver bundled with MetroGuide Europe -, only comes with
    American base-map receivers and isn't supplied with any form of backup, so
    that a soldier will not be able to load any other maps without losing his
    extremely expensive Iraq info - a bit of a bummer if you're home on leave
    and want to go off trekking. Looks a bit like playing on fear for a profit.

    However there is a Java applet - GPS Explorer
    ( - that can extract .img files from
    Garmin receivers, so it could well be possible to back-up these Iraqi maps
    to PC (and maybe even upload them onto European receivers). I've
    successfully extracted both MetroGuide Europe and 3rd party maps from my
    Vista AND sent them back again, apparently without any loss of

    You can create "products" from stand-alone .img file-sets (without .tdb
    databases) and mix'n'match map tiles with ones from other Garmin and third
    party MapSource products into a map-set to upload to your receiver. Hence
    in principle you may be able to back up the Iraq maps, bundle them with
    anything else you want to install (up to the capacity of the receiver) and
    then send them back. However I would strongly suggest trying to upload them
    to another empty receiver first before risking trashing an expensive
    pre-installed copy of the Iraq mapping!

    Incidentally - does anyone else worry about the use of domestic GPS
    receivers, such as etrex Vista, in military operations? If captured, all
    you have to give away is Name Rank and Serial Number - oh and troop
    movements for the last few days as stored in your GPS tracklogs - probably
    pinpointing key allied installations and maybe even with convenient
    waypoints thrown in to assist with targetting!

    David Lee, Jan 5, 2006
  6. William Millspaugh

    Marc Brett Guest

    "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you want." said the
    Churchill wannabe. So nobody bothers to equip the soldiers with the kit they
    need, and nobody bothers to rethink the strategies that the current army is
    based around. So the US fights the war they are equipped to fight, which is not
    producing the results it needs. In the meantime, the grunts have to buy their
    own GPS gear and strap manhole covers to their vehicles for armour plate. And
    continue to be injured and killed in a cause built on faulty intelligence,
    sexed-up memos, and bald-faced lies. And they'll be there until the oil runs
    Marc Brett, Jan 6, 2006
  7. Anyone know for a FACT that our troops are providing their own civilian GPS?
    Pieter Litchfield, Jan 6, 2006
  8. William Millspaugh

    David Lee Guest

    Pieter Litchfield wrote...
    You mean apart from the facts that "military" version of etrex receivers
    preloaded with maps of Iraq are readily on sale and that the son of the OP -
    an Army National Guardsman on the way to Iraq - was told he should take a
    civilian GPS?

    David Lee, Jan 6, 2006
  9. William Millspaugh

    nuvi user Guest

    Saw this on the GPS forums at

    From: artjeyes
    Posted - 01/04/2006 : 02:00:06

    Try these folks... I got Iraq maps that were loaded into my GPSMAP 60
    and my 2610 for when I went to Iraq and they were perfect street level
    maps with POI info... I know they also make maps for Mexico... and may
    make maps for otehr areas... maps are loaded WITHOUT using
    MapSource.... their mexico map page has info on capatability for
    certain models of Garmin...

    nuvi user, Jan 6, 2006
  10. William Millspaugh

    Marc Brett Guest

    Only anecdotal evidence from the net, and the OP of course.

    "Across the Marine air-ground task force, the average amount spent by each
    individual Marine was about $400, with infantry Marines spending slightly more.
    The most popular personal purchase items were GPS systems, packs and boots. " Lessons Learned.htm

    "Commercial GPS: As is widely known, many soldiers purchase their own GPS
    systems rather than use the PLGR. The Rhino (sic) was provided to the 82d as
    part of the rapid fielding initiative. Overall, soldiers were very appreciative
    of this addition to their MTOE. The Rhino was a vast improvement over the PLGR
    because of the weight, volume, power consumption and performance – the Rhino
    consistently acquired satellites faster than the PLGR. However, the soldiers
    stated they did not use the communications capabilities of the Rhino, at least
    not extensively, because it was not secure and consumed batteries too quickly in
    this mode."
    Marc Brett, Jan 6, 2006
  11. William Millspaugh

    nclark Guest

    Myself and a colleague run GPS courses in the SW of England
    (Compassworks) and we have trained Royal Marines we use Etrex range and
    this fits with what they are using. A lot depends on who it is and
    their role.

    nclark, Jan 7, 2006
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