Need help reinstalling my sat nav.

Discussion in 'GPS Software' started by Caskin, Jul 24, 2022.

  1. Caskin


    Jul 24, 2022
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    My in car android media unit came equipped with IGO world sat nav, by way of an mini sd card loaded via a dedicated GPS slot.
    I recently removed the sd card to carry out updates (very simple operation) .On replacing the card after update, the card was indicated by my media unit as successfully mounted. Then using file manager I found the IGO exe icon and clicked on it. The usual came up, install, manage or cancel.
    Selected install, screen indicated IGO sat loading then done and installed. Next operation was to "OPEN"
    My sat nav opened as usual with the "Welcome" and my GPS position being shown, At that point a message appeared "app closing try again",when I did the same sequence occurred with the same error message.
    Any advice to overcome this would be greatly appreciated.
    Caskin, Jul 24, 2022
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