Never trust YuLongDa (HongKong) Technology Limited, copy cat in sz

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by lukasmalye, May 15, 2014.

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    May 15, 2014
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    Hi Guys,

    I am here to warm you that never trust YuLongDa (HongKong) Technology Limited, a company not in Hongkong but in Shenzhen. here are what I experienced, if you have similar things happened to you, let's talk about it.

    1. I bought 20pcs GT02 and 60pcs GT06 from them at july 2013, worked ok for 1 month, but after that, it goes offline from time to time, they told me it is the GPRS problem. ok, i will go with that.

    2. Augest 2013, I purchased 90pcs GT06, they say they upgrade the firmware and hardware, but after I got it and installed for my clients, the SMS don't work well, sometime, it won't reply at all, also the online offline problem, they never solve it.

    with this 2 shipments, I got all the problems I never faced in my life, did you have these problems? see what I have had:

    1. APN goes back to factory default without any commands sent, how could i track the cars when it offline;

    2. SOS don't work, or I can say it works 1 out of 10, what the hell this gonna help us in emergency cases;

    3. GPS lat & lon accuracy, it is not accurate, don't give me the GPS signal crap, it goes 20meters beyound, I know the difference between LBS and GPS, so don't fool me with that. 20 meters, what chipset you are using, U-blox, I believe you a ****.

    4. Relay don't work, you told me that I can cut off engine at website and by send SMS commands, but it won't work, like SOS, 1/10, even under your so called safe speed <10km/h, it doesn't work.

    5. Do you have manufacture voice monitoring device is illegal in China? yep, I did some research.

    6. When I ask you for a replacement of the fault devices, you disappeal, Mr.Han, I don't know that is your real name or not, I know your girl Lexi didn't give me a ****.

    7. You don't have CCC, CE, FCC, any of this, how could it be sold and you told me you have these.

    8. it seems you are a copy cat, GT02 and GT06, you call it H02 and H06, which is copied from Concox, TK103 you call it H01, which is copied from Coban, even you proud H91 is copied from a company called wisdom or something like that, the point is YuLongDa (HongKong) Technology Limited is a copy cat, and didn't copy well.

    9. Yulongda website, same as Concox platform, also your reports just don't work, and I need it, and why it stops working from time to time, and always ask me to wait?

    10. Could you please RMA the fault devices please, I bought it from you, but your products turned my business into a ****, my reputation in my market into a ****. and you even blocked in your email list or phone list.

    Guys, do you have similar things happened to you? if so , leave it here, this company has no responsibility , no reputation.

    Do your business without this company, it will ruin your company as hell.

    Hey,Yulongda, I want to ship all the crap back to you and my money back, don't give the **** you tell me everytime, I been in this business for 8 years, you can't fool me.
    lukasmalye, May 15, 2014
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