Discussion in 'GPS Technical Discussion' started by Mitch, May 27, 2015.

  1. Mitch


    May 27, 2015
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    I am seeking out some knowledge on creating an NTRIP Caster for CMR+ with Trimble agriculture equipment. I work for a Case IH Ag dealership and we currently have a 900MgHz base station network setup and i would like to add modems to our base stations then write a caster software in an old computer tower and have it located at my store for sending and receiving information. I have checked out BKG's website and printed a lot of literature off of their website. I am also fairly new to writing code/programming. I am just curious if any one has had any experience with anything like this or is willing to help me out. Thanks.
    Mitch, May 27, 2015
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  2. Mitch

    kusairi azenan

    Jun 1, 2015
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    From what I am understand, you have a base station and you would like to add modem to it to send CMR+ to your own caster.

    Instead write my own Caster software, I am currently using Lefebure Ntrip caster (http://lefebure.com/software/ntripcaster/NTRIPCaster.exe) without any modification to its original code. Instead of using modem, I am using a PC to receive the CMR stream through a comm port. This stream then forward to my own CASTER using Ntrip server software http://igs.bkg.bund.de/root_ftp/NTRIP/software/NtripServerWindows.exe

    Then my rover receiver just dial my NTRIP caster to that specific mountpoint and received this CMR+ stream.

    Someone might thinking to use CASTER service from other people so that they didn't have to get an accessible Public IP and setup a server computer. Currently I have a server with 1mbps bandwidth. I am invite people for free testing. If someone read this and want to test my caster whether it can forward to your rover in reasonable latency, you can contact me at kucai83ATgmail.com to get detail. Currently my caster have domain registered at www.rtkrelay.com

    Upon your contact, I can give you a mountpoint, password and NTRIP client users account for free testing. If you like it, you can donate to help me maintain the server and you can own the mountpoint and NTRIP client users account for a certain period that we can discussed to fulfill your requirement.

    kusairi azenan, Jun 1, 2015
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