Oregon 650 Softwaare corrupted

Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by Creepy Old Man, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Creepy Old Man

    Creepy Old Man

    Apr 12, 2017
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    I did a very bad thing about a week ago. I was charging my Garmin 650T while working on my computer and accidentally wrote to the internal drive. I realized and stopped it after a second or so but the damage had been done.

    It kind of still works but all the maps are gone and I cannot connect over USB.

    After looking into this it seems my only option is sending it back to Garmin for $120 plus shipping.

    I am surprised there is no way for me to re program it via Jtag or something. Maybe I need to pull it apart and look at the processor and memory it uses and learn more.

    I am defiantly not sending them $110

    Any advise appreciated.
    Creepy Old Man, Apr 12, 2017
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