Poor GPS signal.

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by bconnelly, Jul 31, 2023.

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    Jul 31, 2023
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    Hi. I know the subject of heated windscreens blocking signals has been raised a few times. I have a Garmin (Avtex) Tourer One that simply will not work in my Range Rover Sport, nor would it work in my previous Jaguar XF or Range Rover Velar. I bought one of those GPS repeater thingies but that's erratic at best. It has been suggested my Garmin itself may be at fault but before I spend £400+ on another brick, I though i'd ask here. Has anyone got a similar car (with heated screen) and using a caravan / motorhome nav that works properly? Something like the Tomtom Camper Plus or maybe the later Garmin Tourer Three. Happy to drop Garmin if that's what it takes, they don'y answer emails anyway.

    Any thoughts or ideas welcome.

    bconnelly, Jul 31, 2023
  2. bconnelly

    Nuvi-Nebie Moderator

    Aug 16, 2015
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    How well does the Avtex perform when it is not in a vehicle? , How well does it perform in a vehicle that does not have a heated front windscreen ?, how well does a different borrowed GPS work in your Range Rover Sport ?, if the answered are Well, Well and Not well then you need to improve the signal strength inside your car

    If you can't get the Avtex to work with a GPS repeater, your only option may be to use a Satnav that has an external antenna socket built into it so that you can use a wired external (to the car) antenna
    Nuvi-Nebie, Aug 1, 2023
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