Re: Map updates for Magellan Mestro 4250

Discussion in 'General GPS Discussion' started by oldman, May 4, 2008.

  1. oldman

    oldman Guest

    Does anyone have map updates for Magellan Maestro 4250 and
    instructions how to update chip?

    oldman, May 4, 2008
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  2. oldman

    Mac Guest

    There are no new maps yet for the 4250, but there is a firmware update
    on the Magellan website.
    Mac, May 4, 2008
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  3. oldman

    oldman Guest

    I just went to their web site and did not see anything regarding an
    update for the firm ware. Also would be interested in how to be able
    to use a SD card I have in the unit. Please post any info you have.

    oldman, May 6, 2008
  4. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    I found it yesterday, but not without difficulty.

    You probably have to login to the site and register your 4250 before you can
    download this update.

    Go to , click on Support, enter the info for
    your 4250 under Product Support & Updates then click Submit. Scroll down
    almost to the bottom of the resulting 4250 Support page and under
    Updates/Upgrades click on Maestro 4250 Firmware Update 3.34. Follow the
    instructions on this page to download and install the update.

    As a AAA member I tried to enroll in the AAA special offer while registering
    my 4250 and got into a vicious
    register-enroll-login-register-enroll-login-... cycle which somehow I
    escaped on about the 4th cycle through. Their website design isn't any
    better than the rest of their customer support.

    It's almost an 80 MB download. I installed it without incident but haven't
    had a chance to test it yet. At least it doesn't seem to have broken

    Thanks to Mac or I wouldn't have even known to look for it or had the
    patience to hunt it down.

    Jerry Boyle, May 6, 2008
  5. oldman

    oldman Guest


    Thanks for the help so far.

    I have a 2 GB SD card in my 4250. I have plugged the GPS into the USB
    port on my PC. It shows as a drive formatted FAT32 and the space as
    1.9 GB. with 520 MG free. Is this space the space on the GPS unit or
    my SD card. I am not sure what needs to be done so that information
    can be downloaded to the card.

    There are a number of exe files in the various folders but when I
    click on them I get a message that they are not valid Win_32
    executable files.

    Again thanks,
    oldman, May 6, 2008
  6. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    You can use the 4250 SD/MMC card slot for Enhanced POIs (see User Manual pg.
    30) and for backing up and restoring your personal settings (pg. 71).
    Jerry Boyle, May 6, 2008
  7. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    What you see is the GPS hard drive; your SD card should have almost 2 GB
    free, right? There may be a way to see the SD info via the USB connection of
    your GPS, but I don't know how to do it. Perhaps someone else can step in
    and tell us if they know a way.

    To backup and restore your personal settings (see my other reply) just
    insert the card into your GPS slot and go to Backup and Restore under User
    Options (on page 2 of the Main Menu).
    For Enhanced POIs (the other SD card use) it looks like you load the POIs
    onto the SD card using a card slot on your computer and then insert the card
    into your 4250. This process differs from my RoadMate 700/760 where you load
    Enhanced POIs from your computer directly onto the GPS hard drive via the
    USB connection. In either case you have to install the Enhanced POI Manager
    on your PC. Loading Enhanced POIs is a cumbersome process that, for my
    purposes, isn't worth the trouble.
    I would strongly advise against clicking on any .exe files in your GPS unit.
    You also need to read the firmware instructions carefully and follow them to
    the letter; more than one person has destroyed their GPS unit when updating

    Jerry Boyle, May 6, 2008
  8. oldman

    oldman Guest

    Thanks once more.

    My online manual must be smaller than yours as i only go to page 64.
    However, I found what you were pointing to. When you put the SD card
    in a memory reader should you be able to see the files and folders
    that were backed up?

    I have not registered my 4250 yet. Could you post the firmware fix? I
    am on v2.24 HW-3

    oldman, May 6, 2008
  9. oldman

    oldman Guest

    Jerry again thanks for the update. I will keep checking to see if
    anyone else can answer the last question. I so far see what must be
    the units memory but nothing on the SD card.

    I will keep trying to learn how to work this thing.

    It does not matter with the exe files as none are executeable under

    oldman, May 6, 2008
  10. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    Download the manual by clicking the link at the top of the 4250 Support page
    (same page that has the firmware update link at the bottom). This version is
    more recent than the copy on your 4250 CD.
    No way ol' buddy - it's almost 80 MB. You have to download it from the
    Magellan site. Sorry!

    Jerry Boyle, May 6, 2008
  11. oldman

    John Guest

    I have found that the POI Editor was good for entering the coordinates
    and the parameters in preparation in trying some geocaching. Maybe
    there is another way of getting the coordinates in there, but it worked
    okay for me, but agree a bit cumbersome.
    John, May 8, 2008
  12. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    Oldman, does the SD card show up in My Computer on your system?

    The SD card doesn't show up on my system:

    Dell XPS410
    Windows Vista Home Premium (*not* updated to SP1)
    Maestro 4250 (F/W updated to 3.34, HW-3)
    Toshiba 2 GB SD card

    I'm not sure how the SD card is formatted because I don't currently have a
    card reader (one is on order), but the Maestro 4250 Backup & Restore feature
    seemed to like it OK.

    Anybody have any guesses as to why the SD doesn't show up?

    Jerry Boyle, May 9, 2008
  13. oldman

    Who Me? Guest

    I think that's what I said already. It shows up IN MY COMPUTER.........
    better ??
    Then that pretty much indicates a problem somewhere.
    That would tend to indicate that the problem is with Vista (surprise!).

    Have you tried to save a user POI file to see if it offers the SD card as a
    ................or is that where this discussion started ????? ;-)
    Who Me?, May 9, 2008
  14. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    I wasn't questioning what you said, I was just asking Oldman if the SD
    showed up on his system. [You aren't Oldman under an alias are you?]. His
    initial post seemed to indicate that he couldn't see the SD. If he still
    can't see it and is still on Maestro F/W 2.24 then that probably eliminates
    my upgrade to F/W 3.34 as a suspect.
    I have lots of USB drives on this system, including a thumb drive (FAT),
    hard drives (NTFS & FAT32), and a ready boost drive with 2 partitions (CDFS
    & FAT). Vista shows and handles them all OK, although I agree it sucks in
    many ways.

    I suspect the Maestro but have no evidence to support that suspicion. I
    heard that Magellan had problems with the USB interface on some of their
    earliest RoadMate 700 models so it wouldn't surprise me if the 4250 had USB

    Do you have a Maestro 4250 and, if so, is it on F/W 2.24 or 3.34?
    Nope - it started when Oldman asked if the 2 GB drive he saw was the Maestro
    hard drive or the SD card and I informed him it was the Maestro hard drive
    (which is also 2 GB).

    I haven't installed Maestro POI manager on my Vista machine. I used the RM
    700/760 POI manager on a now defunct XP machine but didn't get much benefit
    from it. I've had several applications hose my Vista machine and don't like
    to install anything unless I really need it. You pose an interesting
    experiment though.

    Thanks for your input and any further thoughts you might have.

    Jerry Boyle, May 10, 2008
  15. oldman

    Who Me? Guest

    Oops. You confused me by quoting MY message and then asking HIM a
    question........and I thought maybe you were from the UK (Oldman.....British
    slang.....never mind!!) ;-)
    Who Me?, May 10, 2008
  16. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    I was asking for his *response to your post* so I just continued the
    conversational thread.

    Sorry for the confusion but thanks for the humor as well as the addition to
    my vocabulary :)


    P.S. (intended for Oldman and all other interested parties and not intended
    to confuse Who Me?)

    I think the SD card is invisible on your PC by design (or lack thereof).
    Here's an extract from the Maestro 4250 User Manual that implies that you
    have to load the POIs onto the card *before* you put the card in the Maestro
    SD slot:

    Loading a POI File
    1. Save a POI file created with the POI Manager to an SD/MMC card and
    install the card in the SD/MMC slot on the left side of the Magellan

    For those of you who have Maestro 4250s, no you are not dyslexic - the
    SD/MMC card slot is on the right, not the left, side of the unit :)
    Jerry Boyle, May 10, 2008
  17. oldman

    oldman Guest

    Hi guys,

    Sorry have not checked this in a couple of days. Here is the latest.

    My FW has been updated to the latest release. I finally registered the

    With the SD card in the unit I see a FAT32 drive but I believe that is
    the RAM in the unit. This was while the unit was connected to a USB
    port on my Vista box.

    I did a backup to the SD card and it seemed to work.

    I then removed the SD card and inserted it into my Mediagear card
    reader. The Reader was first connected to my XP box but the SD card
    is not seen. I then moved the reader to the Vista box but the card
    still was not seen. I am sure the card reader works since I inserted
    a CF card from my digital camera and was able to see the pictures.

    Any one have any ideas as to how to see what might be on the SD card?

    Thanks guys,
    oldman, May 10, 2008
  18. oldman

    Jerry Boyle Guest

    I have a card reader arriving Mon or Tue. If your issue is still unresolved
    I'll post what I find out.

    Jerry Boyle, May 11, 2008
  19. oldman

    oldman Guest


    Thanks looking forward to what you find out.

    oldman, May 11, 2008
  20. oldman

    traveller Guest

    You might find that the files on your SD are "Hidden". I am not familiar
    with your unit, but you might check to see if your OS is set up to view
    hidden and system files. In both XP and Vista, these are usually off by
    default. You will find the switch under My Computer - (any drive) -
    Tools - Folder Options - View - Hidden Files. Hope that helps.

    traveller, May 11, 2008
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