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    I have a Bachelor Degree of Geodesy and now I am writing my Master Thesis in the field of Geodesy. I like to make some researches in using Smartphones like precise RTK GNSS receivers with internal GPS of smartphones and with external dual-frequency antenna, using MAKPOS positioning system to increase accuracy.
    The idea is to use smartphone like GNSS receiver which can be connect with external Dual frequency antenna to get better accuracy. The scheme for this connection need to look like this
    I am not really familiar with Android development, so I am searching for aplication which can receive via Bluetooth NMEA message, and via NTRIP send to MAKPOS and receive from there RTCM 2.x or RTCM 3.x to make correction of position.
    But I need and option for Custom Coordinate system.
    Have you had an experience with an Open Source aplication or low cost aplication for Android that has the same options?
    Here are some information for MAKPOS positioning system, http://www.euref.eu/symposia/2011Chisinau/06-02-Dimeski.pdf
    Configuration of National positioning system MAKPOS is:
    Referent base stations (14 stations in radius of 50-70km between each of them).

    Leica GRX 1200+ & Leica AR 25 … 9 stations

    Leica GRX 1200 GG Pro & Leica AT 504 GG … 2 stations

    Leica GX 1230 GG & Leica AX 1202 GG … 3 stations

    Control Center:
    • Leica GNSS Spider (controlling and managing with network, RT Proxi Server and NTRIP Caster)
    • Leica GNSS Spider QC (controling the quality of data and coordinates on network points)
    • Leica GNSS Spider WEB (distribution of RINEX
    Services in MAKPOS

    DGPS (accuracy 0.3-0.5 m), it uses RTCM 2.x and the transfer is by GPRS and NTRIP

    RTK (accuracy 0.02-0.04m), it uses RTCM 2.x and RTCM 3.x and the transfer is by GPRS and NTRIP

    Precise positioning with additional processing, (<0.01 m), RINEX, transfer via Internet, mail..

    From MAKPOS we get coordinates in European ETRS89 (ETRF89) in Cartesian X,Y,Z coordinates, than with software MAKTRAN we transform with 7 parameters transformation and grid correction in our Macedonian Coordinate System

    Best regards
    Меркатор, Nov 9, 2015
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