Saved Track not as smooth as live display!

Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by Marvo, Apr 10, 2011.

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    Apr 10, 2011
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    This is a long shot, but does anyone know how to fix this little anomaly on my GPS MAP 62s?

    I record a track with 1 sec point intervals and the track displays beautifully on the screen as I'm walking it. (See photo # 1) However, if I save (or archive) the track and then look at it again on the screen, it is now a little "jaggy" and not smooth. This to the point where a smooth curve of 4 - 5 waypoints on the GPS device screen may become a straight line when I've just walked a 5m radius circle.

    Any clues as to why, when after saving a track, the path I've just walked looks worse than when I'm walking it, live on screen? How to get that "live recorded" smooth track as a smooth file I can transfer from the 62s?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. = display of current track on GPSmap 62s screen
    2. = track saved and then displayed on GPSmap 62s screen
    3. = current track saved as gpx and converted to .kml by ""
    4. = .kml displayed on google earth

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    Marvo, Apr 10, 2011
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