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Discussion in 'TomTom GPS' started by glennc, May 31, 2012.

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    May 31, 2012
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    Hello and help!
    I have a limited time to purchase a car GPS and find out if it works and become familiar with it. I had 2 Magellans fail immediately so I thought to change brands. I purchased the Tom Tom Start and got it home and it wouldn't update. Tried a couple of the download programs with no avail. Tech support sorted me out and got it updated, nice work. After charging the battery fully, I took it on the same test drive that I took the one partially functioning Magellan. I found the reaction very slow, both in display and in route voice commands, several turns ahead of me. Display showed me in close up mode driving over house then back on the road after 3-4 seconds. Contacted Tech support and they had me do a reset. This appeared to have increased the reaction time, good. Took the same test drive again and learned a bit about the philosophy of the Tom Tom. But it again was ahead of me with voice commands. It was inaccurate in showing the vehicle stationary at my home, instead showing me on a nearby street intersection with my street. Route command followed the shown rather than the actual unit location. While driving the unit showed me driving backwards. It was as it the back of the car was the front and it seemed to function correctly, just totally opposite of the actual orientation of the vehicle.
    When I reached the destination and stopped in a parking lot the arrow began facing the front of the car again. Routed home and purposely made the same wrong turn I did with the Magellan unit I returned. Rather than finding the first u-turn like the Magellan, it began trying to recalculate a route at every street. Before I could react it took me to the turn lane that the Magellan did. Instead of a UTurn it had me drive into a townhome community and circle the whole perimeter of the community to get back to the street that I needed to return to my initial route. Is this normal for Tom Tom units? Sitting approx .4 miles away, I needed to turn right, go to the next intersection and turn right again and get in the left lane. Now sitting at the townhouse exit it told me this. Turning right and stopping in traffic and making the right turn and getting into the left lane when I did minutes later due to rraffic, it gave no verbal indication. Is this normal for this brands operation? The Tech had me remove and reinstall the application software and this morning I am going to try it out again. He said it may need to be returned for repair. I again don't have the time.
    Someone should warn people that they need to do research on sites like this well in advance of going on a trip. I have been engaged in returning, updating, talking to technical support since Memorial Day and still do not have a functional GPS.
    So any assistance with the Tom Tom is appreciated.
    I having never owned a GPS previously it appears that this unit will not allow multiple destinations, is this true?
    Thanks for any assistance!
    glennc, May 31, 2012
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