TomTom Nav 5 - Follow Map ?

Discussion in 'General GPS' started by andy100, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. andy100

    andy100 Guest

    In TTNav5, when you click on "View Map", you can see an overview of the map
    (viewed like you would a paper map). You can see your position from the
    triangle in a circle, but once this has gone off the side of the map TTNav5
    doesn't follow it, you have to keep pressing the little icon at the top
    "view current position". Is there a way to make TTNav5 automatically update
    with position without having to keep pressing the "view current position"
    icon ?

    Sometimes i prefer this view and it's annoying, especially when zoomed in,
    to have to keep pressing this icon.

    Many thanks
    andy100, Feb 14, 2006
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  2. No, you can only have the moving map update in the standard navigation mode.
    There is no North up facility.
    Darren Griffin - PocketGPSWorld.Com, Feb 15, 2006
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  3. andy100

    andy100 Guest

    Thanks Darren !


    andy100, Feb 15, 2006
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