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Discussion in 'TomTom' started by Alaric, May 5, 2015.

  1. Alaric

    Alaric Guest

    A few days ago I was driving north from Bagshot in Surrey. My destination in
    TT was in Carlisle. This is a trip I have made often and I was using my TT
    Start 25 simply to see how far I had to go and to see my estimated time of
    arrival. I had driven up the M40 and was not far along the M6 on my way
    through Birmingham when I was instructed to turn of towards Sutton
    Coldfield. I naturally ignored this but along the way I got other
    instructions again to head for Sutton Coldfield. Again I paid not a blind
    bit of notice.

    I had the device programmed to take the "Fastest" route so the events I have
    outlined leave me puzzled. It reminded me of a situation which arose in
    France just after I had bought the device when I was headed along a road I
    knew well. On approaching a roundabout I was instructed to turn left. This
    came as a surprise but I did so. After about 100 metres I was told again to
    turn left. This seemed absurd as I would have been going up a farm track.
    So, I turned back and when I approached the roundabout the instruction was
    to turn left. I did so and was thus back on the road I had been on

    It seems to me that one should perhaps carry a small bag of salt so that
    pinches can be taken as and when required.

    Alaric, May 5, 2015
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  2. Alaric

    Peter Guest

    Yes, I've had this in the past. It seems that the shortest/fastest
    routes are worked out to the yard/second, so it thinks a tiny deviation
    can be relevant
    Peter, May 10, 2015
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