Use 3,6 volts litium rechargeable battery in Garmin Oregon 700

Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by speedman, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. speedman


    Apr 5, 2021
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    Hi all:)

    I just got a Garmin Oregon 700 gps and use a TOPO pro card..But I'm surprised that the device use a lot of battery power real fast..I bought the original Garnin 2.4 volt battery pack, but the device still use a lot of battery power in a short time..What's wrong..?
    I have disconnect the wi-fi and Bluetooth funktion but that doesn't make a big difference..So what else can l do to reduce the battery use..?..And can this device use Rechargeable Lithium 3,6 volt batteries without damaging the device...?
    speedman, Apr 5, 2021
  2. speedman

    Nuvi-Nebie Moderator

    Aug 16, 2015
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    3.6 volt batteries are not suitable for the Oregon 700, the unit would not benefit from the higher voltage which may also damage the unit, (NOTE :- 1.2V + 1.2V = 2.4 V but 3.6V + 3.6V = 7.2V), they probably wouldn't fit into the battery compartment anyway.

    There are a lot of extra devices in modern GPSs that all take power and are not essential for navigation, they include GLONASS / Gallieo, WAAS, altimeter / barometer, electronic compass, wi-fi, Bluetooth, ANT comms, camera etc.., if possible these 'extras' should be turned off to extend battery life.

    Although rechargeable batteries have their advantages, if you want maximum battery life, good non rechargeable batteries have high capacities, so will last longer, If you still need more battery time I would connect the unit to a USB Power Bank plugged into the Oregon 700 USB connector, USB Power Banks come in different sizes with some having 10,000mAh or more
    Nuvi-Nebie, Apr 5, 2021
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