Garmin Striker 4 data sharing with PC

Discussion in 'GPS Technical Discussion' started by MikhailZ, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Jun 16, 2017
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    Some time ago, I bought Garmin Striker 4 (echosounder+GPS, no mapping).

    Unfortunately, this device have no USB-ports and card slot and by this way the ability to upload tracks and way points to pc is absent. However, the device can share the data with the same Garmin Striker series or EchoMap echosounders through Garmin protocol (or Garmin to Garmin protocol?).

    By this way, I guess, it is able to connect my Striker to PC through COM port using Garmin protocol. I’ve make hardware connection, but regular GPS programs can’t connect to it, possible because the connection protocol is some differ.

    I’ve used COM port Toolkit to receive data from my striker. Then I turns on the Share Data option, it sends different 2 bytes messages every 10 s (in the end of this message).

    I’ve sent HEX command (10 0A 02 0 00 ED 10 03) in order to download waypoints, but nothing changed. It looks like he need some initialization before accepting the commands.

    I found the post on this forum, that looks like very promising and describe the behavior of the connection:

    “The programming is trivial. You knock out the useless doubled 10s and
    lower the count and you are on your way.
    Be sure to ACK each packet for fastest throughput.
    Source is available.
    However, there was no link on Source code or the direct solution of the problem.

    I’ve read the Garmin interface protocol, but it’s hard to understand. In any case, it looks like Garmin to Garmin protocol is some differ.

    Help me please with downloading waypoints and tracks from this device.

    Signal output from Striker is given below.

    With best regards,


    Num  Time Message(HEX)   Message (ASCII)
    000001 14:08:35.578  00  .  (The device is on)
    000002 14:08:48.062  6E D2  nТ
    000003 14:08:58.625  68 C0  hА
    000004 14:09:09.171  68 D0   hР
    000005 14:09:19.765  28 C0  (А
    000006 14:09:29.796  68 C0  hА
    000007 14:09:39.843  28 C0  (А
    000008 14:09:49.890  6ED2  nТ
    000009 14:09:59.953  68 D0  hР
    000010 14:10:10.000  68 C0  hА
    000011 14:10:20.062  68 C0   hА
    000012 14:10:30.109  6ED2  nТ
    000013 14:10:40.156  6ED2  nТ
    000014 14:10:50.218  68 D0  hР
    000015 14:11:00.265  6ED2  nТ
    000016 14:11:10.312  28 C0  (А
    000017 14:11:20.375  28 C0  (А
    000018 14:11:30.421  6ED2   nТ
    000019 14:11:40.515  68 D0  hР
    000020 14:11:50.656  68 C0  hА
    000021 14:12:00.625  68 C0  hА
    000022 14:12:10.656  28 C0  (А
    000023 14:12:20.718  6ED2  nТ
    000024 14:12:30.750  28 C0  (А
    MikhailZ, Jun 16, 2017
  2. MikhailZ


    May 18, 2024
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    I also need to get this information. I have saved routes and need to extract them. I have an idea to get this information, but I don't have two compatible GARMINs to test it. The idea would be to read the cable transfer signals between these two devices for better interpretation of the “sniffing” data. in this case a 74HCT125 can replicate the signal without interference in data exchange. Would that be a way?

    and I will leave my appeal as a client. Garmin's lack of interest in serving the interests of its customers is completely absurd. they would rather launch a new product.
    Last edited: May 18, 2024
    Diego, May 18, 2024
  3. MikhailZ

    Nuvi-Nebie Moderator

    Aug 16, 2015
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