UK maps dissapeared

Discussion in 'Garmin GPS' started by lost at sea, Jan 10, 2022.

  1. lost at sea

    lost at sea

    Jan 10, 2022
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    Hi, I have a Nuvi 58, I make things last, and after recently updating via Garmin express the installed maps have gone and replaced with North America or the option of Australia or South Africa. Any ideas? Would my device had an SD card when new because it hasn't now? By the way I was brought up on steam engines..
    lost at sea, Jan 10, 2022
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  2. lost at sea

    Nuvi-Nebie Moderator

    Aug 16, 2015
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    Another user has reported the same issue, ie. Garmin Express has only offered North America and other maps in place of the Europe map updates as expected, this may be a temporary problem with Garmin's file servers, see this link :-

    I have never seen a satnav fitted with a microSD or SD card from new
    Nuvi-Nebie, Jan 10, 2022
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  3. lost at sea

    lost at sea

    Jan 10, 2022
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    Hello, after using Garmins chat facility I followed the advice below to free up space and magically the Europe maps appeared on their Express platform, I've surprised myself. Thanks for your help.
    P.S. I didn't use an SD card

    Space issues when installing map updates

    Use a Memory Card (Recommended) - In situations where a Garmin device does not have sufficient internal storage space to load the full coverage of a City Navigator NT map update, Garmin Express allows the maps to be installed to a microSD/SD card.

    When using the SD card installation option, critical files are loaded to the SD card so it must remain in the device after the update to ensure full functionality. For the largest size SD card a device can use, see the FAQ

    SD Memory Card Sizes for Automotive Devices
    Choose a Region - Garmin Express will automatically offer to install a smaller mapping coverage region to these devices when there is not enough internal storage to install full coverage and a microSD/SD card is not available.

    NOTE: Garmin Express will not allow the installation of another region if only one region is available to install to the device's internal memory. The other regions must be installed to a microSD/SD card by following the steps in Reinstall or Change Map on an Automotive Device :-
    Follow these steps to correct the issue:

    1. Connect the Garmin device into the computer
    2. Press the Windows key + E
    3. Click This PC (Windows 10 only)
    4. Open the Garmin drive
    5. Open Internal Storage (not all devices require this step)
    6. Open the Voice folder
      • The Voice folder is located in the Garmin folder on some devices
    7. Delete any unwanted language files
    8. Go back to the previous folder
    9. Follow steps 6-8 for the Text, Keyboards, and Help folders (Keep all files beginning with “en”)
    10. Open the GPX folder
    11. Delete the Archive folder (this folder contains the Trip Log information, backup this data before deleting if it is needed)
    12. Disconnect the Garmin GPS device from the computer
    13. Allow the GPS device to boot up to the main menu
    14. Reconnect the GPS device to the computer
    15. Open Garmin
    lost at sea, Jan 13, 2022
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