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    This thread contains some forum topics that regularly crop up about Garmin GPS devices, in order to keep it tidy, the thread is locked to comments, however if there are any questions / corrections about the Frequently Asked Questions thread, please post them in the Garmin GPS forum or Inbox >> Start a New Conversation

    What is Basecamp?

    Basecamp 4.7.0 Won't Download 3rd Party Maps

    What is a Track, Route, Waypoint etc.

    Can I Get Free Maps for My Garmin?

    How Do I Update Garmin Maps / Voices etc.?

    How Do I load Garmin POIs ?

    How do I display Garmin Secret Menus?

    Can my Nuvi have Favourites Sub Folders?

    Why does My Nuvi go into charge / computer mode ?

    Why Do I Have Satnav Charger Problems ?

    Why Won't My GPSMap / Oregon Charge Batteries ?

    How Do I Hard / Soft Reset and Full Power Off ?

    What is The Week Rollover Problem ?

    How do I connect to a Garmin Serial Interface ?

    How can I record my own spoken voice language files?

    Why do saved Tracks have no time / Date data?

    How can I fix the Mapinstall 4GB Limit

    What is GPS Post Processing?

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    Nuvi-Nebie, Nov 10, 2015
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